GLdirect increas VGA card & play all EA GAMES

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GLdirect increas VGA card & play all EA GAMES

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:53 am

NO need for video card to play your 3D games such as: C&C3 or Kanth war or all EA games


it is software that increase your VGA card waht ever no need for hardware

just install and lunch crack and your VGA WILL increas aoutmaticly

how it work?

IF your VGA card =64MB it will be 128MB , and if it is 128MB it will be
265MB ,.....265 ...will be 512 ........512----->1024MB

Product Benefits:

Completely unified driver

Optimized for DX7, DX8,

Support for more games

Better game performance

lots of people say working.

size=3.76 mb


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